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Boston Area Wedding Photographer

Best Wedding Album
in New England 2006

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Blue Ribbon Album Award
in New England 2006

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Most Artistic Candid Wedding Album
in MA 2006

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If you’re thinking about having someone like Uncle Bob or a high-tech friend photograph the wedding for you,
here’s a snap shot of what you can expect from him compared to the experience of hiring an seasoned
professional like Carol Lundeen:

Uncle Bob, Volunteer Amateur Photographer
Carol Lundeen, Certified Professional Photographer

Wedding preparation

Uncle Bob shows up with a nice new digital camera. He hasn't quite read the owner's manual yet.

Carol takes the time in advance to plan the entire day's photography with you. She is extremely comfortable with her equipment and very familiar with all the menus. She knows the settings she wants to use in varing lighting conditions to give you the best results.


Uncle Bob as a lot of energy early on, then loses focus and fades out of the picture.

Carol has the endurance to work hard for you all day.


Uncle Bob takes a lot of images of your family, very few of your friends, and almost none of your new spouse's family and friends.

Carol photographs according to the balanced priorities you've established in advance.

Experience working with the pressure and demands of the day

Uncle Bob has never done this before but thinks he can make a few good pictures.

Carol is accustomed to high-pressure family and wedding situations andis very good at problem solving.

Commitment to photography career

Uncle Bob thought doing your wedding would be fun.

Carol has a high commitment to you and a high commitment to continuing education. She keeps up with evolving technology.

Experienced advisor

Your wedding gives Uncle Bob an opportunity to learn how to use his new camera.

Carol advises you on the opportunities and pitfalls of the day

Professional equipment and back up equipment

Uncle Bob has one nice camera, and hopefully an extra battery.

Carol brings at least four cameras, high quality professional equipment and back up equipment.

Makes people look and feel good

Uncle Bob has never studied posing and lighting. He’s still mad at your brother.

Carol helps people feel at ease and look good.


Uncle Bob's a guest. You feel bad making requests of him.

Carol is there to work for you all day.

Number and quality of images

Uncle Bob gives you a CD with a few good shots but most of the shots are poorly lit, poorly composed snapshots that miss the peak moments.

Carol delivers high numbers of artistic, photojournalistic, and pleasantly posed images that are properly exposed and color balanced.

Professional photofinishing lab

Uncle Bob has never used a professional lab.

Carol has relationships with professional photofinishing labs. Yes, there is a difference.

Finishing the photography

Uncle Bob hands you a CD of unedited, unsorted, uncorrected images and wishes you good luck.

Carol provides full service image back up, editing, correcting, and categorizing. She designs, produces, and delivers high quality professionally finished albums.


You owe Uncle Bob a big favor down the road

Carol's work is priceless and increases in value over time


With Uncle Bob you’re not really sure what you’re getting.

With Carol you feel a high level of confidence and get tons of great images, fabulous albums, and framed prints.

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